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Steve Ulrich, Co-Founder

Steve Ulrich is a software engineer with Spirae and founder of WonderSprung Apps.  He also enjoys writing children's books.  Find his work at Steve Ulrich Books.   He always looks for ways to use technology for the greater good, rather than just personal gain.

Steve enjoys woodworking, furniture design, illustration, art, hiking, biking, beer and all things Colorado!


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Paula Cole, PhD, Co-Founder

Currently, a lecturer of economics at the University of Denver, Paula regularly uses community engagement to aid students in connecting to economic realities. She is a long time advocate of youth mentoring and believes that we each can help create an inclusive and sustainable economy.



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Chiara Piovani, PhD

Chiara Piovani was born in Milan, Italy in 1978. She received her undergraduate degree in Economic and Social Sciences from Bocconi University in Milan and her MSc in Economics with reference to the Asian and Pacific Region from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London, UK. Chiara Piovani then moved to the United States, where in 2011 she completed her Ph.D. Degree in Economics at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City. During the course of her PhD studies, Chiara Piovani worked as a writing advisor and graduate instructor at the University of Utah, where she taught several introductory and upper division Economics courses. She joined the Department of Economics at the University of Denver, Colorado, USA, in 2011 and has been affiliated with that institution since then.

Her research interests lie in the Chinese economy and in the impact of Neoliberalism on psychological well-being and social protection systems. She is also serving as a referee for several academic journals.

At the University of Denver, Chiara Piovani has been teaching Introduction to Economics, International Economics, Environmental Economics, and China and the Global Economy. 


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Nicole DeMars

Nicole is an advocate of youth mentoring and an alumni of Partners Mentoring Youth in Fort Collins.  She is currently a student at Hair Dynamics Education Center.

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Chris Stiffler

Chris Stiffler is an economist at the Colorado Fiscal Institute.  He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Richmond in 2009, after which he spent a year teaching high school Latin before moving to Colorado.  He received his masters in economics from the University of Denver.   His particular area of interest involves the combined field of psychology and economics, with a particular curiosity in how people’s mental quirks influence public policy.  Chris has spent the past two year researching a number of topics including: better ways to measure economic growth in Colorado, Colorado school finance, the state budget, TABOR, wage theft, immigration, and paid family leave. He spends his free time hiking Colorado’s 14ers, skiing, wine tasting, and working out. 


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Skylar Anderson

Skylar Anderson is a performing organist and pianist, freelance musician, a devoted music teacher, and freelance economist.  Skylar also has worked in community organizing: both in college as an aid for service learning, and currently as a classroom music teacher for community groups through the YMCA.  Current musical endeavors include performing as a church organist and pianist, collaborative performances, as well as performing as a special events musician.  Skylar holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organ and Piano Performance from the University of Denver.  Her mission is to use music as a way to communicate and break down community and language barriers.