Planting A May Day Tradition of Kindness

Around the world, many communities celebrate the arrival of Spring with a May Day celebration.  These include festivals and festivities of renewal and growth.  Many also have traditions of giving a “May Day Basket” of flowers.  Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a strong May Day tradition for Fort Collins or Northern Colorado.  We at Inspired2C want to change that.

At Inspired2C we love the traditional giving of May flower baskets. We considered bringing this traditional to our community, but after some discussion we thought our community could do better.

We want to create a new-twist on this tradition with the giving of small houseplants. We want to give a little of ourselves by sharing our houseplants with our neighbors. With some thinning or cutting, our plants will be likely be happier and we can connect with our neighbors. Plants teach us to be caring and enhance our lives.

Our “Fluent In Kindness” project encourages everyone to make kindness a habit.  Kindness to others, to ourselves, and to the plant.  We feel the simple act of giving plants achieves all three.  The person giving a plant gains the satisfaction of knowing they are improving the environment of the community and others.  The recipient of the plant gets an awesome surprise and the knowledge the community cares.  Finally, its also good to the planet because, obviously, spreading the “green-thumb” cultivates a community where everyone is involved in making a better planet.

You can spread kindness by (1) sharing a small houseplant baskets (3” pot), such as starting a cutting or thinning one of your own plants, or (2) volunteering your time on Sunday April 30th to help plant, package, and share plants with your Fort Collins neighbors.

Check out this NPR story on the history of the May Basket Day. 

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Each "basket" will include a plant and a message of kindness.