2C: care + connection

Care + Connection:  This is what is represented by the 2C in our name, Inspired2C.  Too often the focus on technology is on how it may be used for personal gain, we believe that it has the power to bring us together as the diverse, good people that we strive to be.  

This is illustrated in the video below that examines the perceptions and realities of wealth inequality in America. As demonstrated by people's perceptions, most believe that our economy should have a reasonably level playing field. However, our disconnect from reality and with each other is a reflection of how our economic system encourages us to compete for resources.  

Here at Inspired2c we hope to bring people together and facilitate caring in its many forms. The truth is that even those of us who are not among the 1% still have more resources than we need.  We can share what we do have. We have skills, talent, and time that we can share with those around us.  We can offer encouragement, advice, or a kind word that can change someone's path for a day or a lifetime.

What suggestions do you have for how we can increase care and connection?